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Our Mission

The Rippl Effect

We are Rippl, a company that understands that we all have a responsibility to look after the planet. Our goal is simple: to produce useful, quality, stylish and the most eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles that are personalized for school kids and adults, all while being sustainable and keeping plastic out of our oceans and environments.

Stainless-steel bottles have been on the market for a while – we aren’t going to pretend that we invented them. What we can say, is that we do things differently. We make sure that you can make a personal change that helps our planet, without charging you an arm and a leg for the pleasure.

We sell just a few diverse colours that will suit everyone’s personality and style – we don’t insist on selling hundreds of different designs encouraging you to buy more. All this does is increase your impact on the environment, putting profit over our philosophy.

It’s simple, really – Rippl bottles keep your drink cool, save the environment, and fit your style.

The Rippl Effect

At this point, we don’t have to explain the impact that humans are having on the environment. We are all very aware of emissions and, more recently, the impact of our incredibly wasteful approach so single-use plastics. It has to stop, and a ripple always begins somewhere. 

Plastic bottles are cheap, but bad for both our planet and you. They do next to nothing to keep your drink cold, they can release harmful chemicals into the water, and let’s face it – one of them is going to burst all over bag eventually!

Rippl bottles are an affordable and useful way for you to cause your own ripple in the world’s movement away from wasteful and irresponsible single-use plastics, while getting a fantastic product for your troubles! 

Cause Your Rippl

So, how is Rippl different from other companies who claim to have the environment at heart?

For us, it’s more than a marketing tool. Over and above the impact our bottles have, we practice what we preach and are taking real, tangible steps to make sure our planet stays clean while giving the poorest communities on our planet access to clean drinking water.

Whenever you make a purchase from us, you can cast your vote in our ‘Cause Your Rippl’ campaign. Every three months, we will donate a portion of the money from bottles sold to one of three charities – and you get to choose where your money goes.

We all have a responsibility to look after our planet, at both a corporate and personal level. If we don’t make changes, things will stay the same. Let’s work together and make a ripple that keeps on spreading.