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Sustainable Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines is a day for showing love, and what needs more love right now than our environment? At Rippl we’re taking Valentines as a great opportunity to show affection to the Earth and everything in it. We know by now how harmful consumer holidays can be ecologically, but romance doesn't have to come with unintentional environmental side effects. 

We’re here to help you make new traditions, here are some ways you can show a greener kind of love this Valentines. 

Handcrafted Cards

The UK on average spends £1.9 Billion on Valentine's cards and other trinkets every Valentines, so make it a priority this February to set time aside to make a handmade card. Handmade cards are a sustainable, thoughtful alternative to pre-packaged, plastic-coated cards. Handcrafted cards attribute more significance to the internal message, and often hold more sentimental value to the giftee. 

You don’t have to be an artist either, a simple message of love is enough, just remember to steer clear of glitter and confetti! Other waste-free alternatives include cards made from recycled materials see; Paperchases ‘Conscious Living Collection’ and Mark & Spencers ‘naked’ cards. Last-minute shoppers can also opt for an animated e-Valentines in lieu of the paper version. 

Chocolates, Flowers & Jewellery

According to the National Retail Federation’s ‘Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey,’ the most popular options for gift giving on Valentines are chocolate, flowers and jewellery. Unfortunately, that popularity comes with devastating detriment to the environment. 


Notably, a recent study by HuffPost exposed the role of the cocoa industry in driving deforestation in West Africa. Fortunately more and more major chocolate companies are now taking steps to protect our planet's rainforests. 

So, if you like your presents to be of the sweeter variety, choose from Galaxy, Lidl and other fair trade chocolates that are made without palm oil. Organic chocolates like Green & Blacks also ensure cacao farmers work in healthy, sustainable environments while receiving a fair wage.  


According to The Guardian over 90% of all cut flowers in the UK are imported, creating a carbon footprint of over 20 million pounds of CO2. Reduce the environmental impact, by buying better bouquets, search for providers that are pesticide-free, and opt for local where you can to avoid carbon emissions from delivery. Alternatively, give greens that last, consider plants or seeds as a gift that keeps on giving. 


High street jewellery as we know has a history of dubious mining practices. So if you are going glitzy this Valentine’s Day, stick to fair-trade, ethically sourced jewellers. Or, even better shop second hand! Vintage, antique jewellery can make for a unique and special Valentines gift. 

Sustainable Gifts 

The sustainable market has grown tremendously in recent years. If your loved one is ecologically minded, or is trying to be, give them the gift of convenience. Sustainable reusable bottles, straws, bags and beauty products make for easy, ethical gifts. They give the giftee the convenience they need to make their goals a reality.

Rippl products are great because not only are they environmentally sound, 15% of every purchase also goes to Water & Ocean charities worldwide. You can show love to the ocean and your friends and family all at once. 

Both our straws and bottles are available in a range of colours and are perfectly suited to keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. There’s a Rippl product to suit everyone, but if you just can’t choose we also have gift cards available especially for Valentines. Pick one up here. 

Spread love in all forms this Valentines by saying no to wasteful giving. Opt for these environmentally friendly alternatives instead. Shop sustainably, shop Rippl. Happy Valentines Day!