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Five Ways Technology Can Help You Live Sustainably

Technology has transformed the way we live, its advancement has shifted the way we interact with each other, our homes and now also the planet. It makes our lives easier in many regards, and now it can also help usher us into an era of sustainability. This blog looks at the five ways emerging technology can help us slash our carbon footprint. 

Information is Power

In the path to environmental protection, awareness is everything. Which is why education is of extreme importance. A study conducted at Southern Cross University found that 77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably, with 93% of all surveyed expressing a general concern for the environment. 

The support for change is there, and through small changes, technology can help us stay accountable. Other than educating ourselves with the vast range of resources now available online, another key way we can start to live more sustainably is through analysing how much power we use daily. Insight adapters or smart power strips are a great way to assess which home appliances and gadgets are draining your energy and consequently your bank the most. If you want to go a step further, there’s an app for that! 

Keep an eye on your entire home’s energy use by installing a Sense Energy Monitor, and make adjustments on the go. Economizing on the fuel you use is another positive step you can make toward sustainability. Automatic Car Assistants can help you track the gas you use, why your check lights are on and how you can cut down your emissions. It can even extend the life your vehicle! Information is power, and living sustainably often benefits us in more ways than one. 


If you are more of a visual learner, VR (virtual reality) is now increasingly being used to build awareness about environmental disaster. Environmental charities know that empathy leads to action, and have thus begun using VR to help donors experience the plight of others who live without the luxuries (clean water, access to food/shelter) that we in the West take for granted. A similar 360 experience was created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to warn of the dangers of the Australian bush fires after 2009 and now 2020’s widespread devastation. In many ways, understanding the reality of ecological collapse is the best way to prevent it.

Make the Switch 

It’s time to see the light! LED lights that is. LED light bulbs are energy-saving, money-saving and they’re better for the environment. If you’re not a fan of the unique hue LED bulbs can give off, simply invest is a Phillips Hue Bulb. It provides over 16 million colours and you can control the light intensity, timing and energy use from your phone. You will never have to worry about leaving the lights on again. 

Regulate your Heating

In the same vein, controlling the way you heat your home is a big step towards reducing the energy you use. Try not to waste energy of heating your house when you are not home, and layer up when you can. Other than these basic steps, a programmable thermostat is the next best way to help the environment, while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Popular learning thermostat ‘Nest’ learns your habits, when your home or out, and anticipates the weather so that you only burn energy when you absolutely need to. It helps you save on bills and save the environment at the same time. 

Solar Panels 

Installing solar panels may seem like a pain, but the benefits of pollution-free living far outweigh the costs. You are creating free energy for life, solar power is now officially the cheapest way to create electricity and you can sell any surplus energy you acquire. That said, if you are renting and still want to contribute to the cause, portable solar panels are a fantastic option for charging your phone and devices on the go. 

There are different battery types for different needs, they are weatherproof and ideal for temporary living situations as they easily fit into any space. So next time your hiking, camping or holidaying in your caravan, opt for solar panels over a battery pack. This will help extend the life of your electronic devices, and the life of our planet. 

Cutting down on the emissions we use takes effort, but luckily technology can go a long way to making it easier. It has already reshaped the world we live in, so we should also use its potential to protect it. Human technology can never replace that of nature but it can help transform how we track, value and safeguard the resources nature provides us. Read on to find out other switches you can make today to live more sustainably, including investing in a reusable, stainless steel bottle and straw.