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Easy Eco-Swaps To Make Today

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be an inconvenience. Every day through simple changes we can take part in the #RipplEffect that we need to transform our planet. There are simple affordable swaps you can make at home and in daily life to become eco friendly. All you need to do is break the habit, and like everything else practice makes perfect. Here are some swaps you can implement right now to become more sustainable.

Reusable Water Bottles

Cutting down plastic is imperative to the survival of our planet. To protect our wildlife and food supply we need alternatives to single use plastics. Reusable metal water bottles are the simple, easy and cost effective option to buying bottled water. Over 2480000 tonnes of plastic bottles are disposed off (not recycled) every year, and of this waste plastic water bottles make up a significant amount. Reusable water bottles like Rippl can be refilled on the go and they help keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. Both useful and personal,using Rippl bottles is the hassle free way make a positive impact. 15% of all profits go to water based charities, so you can be sure all your money is going towards improving our ecosystem. Save water, save money and save the environment with reusable water bottles.

Reusable Straws & Cutlery

In 2019,we are spoilt for choice when it comes to reusable utensils. Whether it’s made of bamboo, metal or glass, opting out of single use plastic is the goal. Simply saying no to plastic straws in your drink, or plastic forks with your street food has more of an impact than you think. Not to mention, metal straws and utensils now come in fashionable cases and designs. Pick them up on Amazon or any good sustainable store.

Bags For Life

It’s time to ditch the plastic bags. All major supermarkets now offer bags for life, or you can opt for your own personal tote bag, organic cottons ones are best. Pick one up and store it in your pocket or handbag any time you go out to store your groceries or shopped items. Once this habit is instilled, it becomes second nature. For mere minutes of use, plastics bags create timeless damage to our wildlife and oceans. The oil in plastic bags mean they take hundreds of years to decompose, by choosing the sustainable option you can help preserve this limited resource.


While supermarket deodorants and antiperspirants often are recyclabl,e the chemicals within them are just as harmful to the environment. To ensure your choice of deodorant is as ethical and sustainable as possible it’s best to invest in organic options. While many chose to make their own recipes at home, there’s also plenty of natural options available online and in zero waste shops.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can be harmful to both us and the planet. With the excessive use of paper, plastic and scented dyes, toilet paper contributes negatively to our environment. Many supermarkets now stock recycled and bamboo made toilet paper, which uses ethical resources and significantly less plastic. Both are also a lot cheaper than big brands, and if bought in bulk you can save plastic as well as money. Or, if you prefer to shop online ‘Who Gives Crap’ sells sustainable options, and 50% of their profits go towards helping build toilets for those in need.

Menstrual Cups

The average woman uses 240 tampons a year, an 16,800 tampons in lifetime. That’s a lot of paper, and a lot of plastic. Feminine hygiene products are expensive, taxed and harmful to the environment, which is why in the past few years there has been a movement towards ‘Diva Cups’; reusable menstrual cups that are better for womens bodies and for the future of our planet. Now available in a range of different forms for your comfort, they can last up to ten years!

Tacking sustainability can often feel overwhelming. For many not knowing where to start is the hard part. With these simple and easy first steps you can make the change into leading a more eco friendly life. Simple changes can have significant results if they are carried out in mass, so start your #RipplEffect  today and don’t forget to encourage your friends to start too.