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A Guide to Sustainable Travel in 2020

‘Zero-waste travel is all about effort, not perfection,’- Anita Vandyke, A Zero Waste Life in Thirty Days



Zero waste travel may not be a possibility just yet, what with air travel and the carbon emissions of cars, but that’s not to say nothing can be done. There are still plenty of ways you can stay sustainable on the go. Read on for simple ways to reduce your environmental impact while enjoying all the great wonders of our world.

Planning and Booking 

When picking the perfect destination for your Summer holiday, something to consider is the city's commitment towards zero waste. 25 cities have now joined C40, a Climate Leadership Group aiming to tackle waste disposal and the amount of waste generated per citizen. Visiting C40 cities and having sustainable options available to you would make it easier to follow suit, choose from London, Milan, New York, Paris and many more. 

Secondly, choosing the right airline and accommodation can also help you on your way to sustainability. Certain airlines including British Airways and EasyJet now offer carbon offset flights, whereby for a small additional cost customers can donate to renewable energy projects and to forging greener, stronger communities. Beyond this aim to stick to economy class, and of course always try to opt for a staycation when you can. When it comes to accommodation, self-catering, camping and green hotels are your best waste-free options. 


Stick to the essentials! The less luggage you carry the better for you and for the planet. Bring items that you can reuse to avoid single-use plastic, pack a shopper bag, a Rippl bottle, a Rippl straw and reusable cutlery. All of these things can be used on a daily basis,  as most cities now have free refill stations for you to fill up your Rippl bottle on the go. Over 20,000 businesses in Britain offer free tap water upon request and the initiative is beginning to spread across Europe. Download the Refill app to find your nearest location.

Bring your own toiletries, eye mask and blanket to avoid unnecessary single-use purchases on the plane. Lastly, aim to only wear clothes you already own. As nice as it can be to have a Summer holiday wardrobe, many of us already have the key items to hand, and anything else can be easily thrifted or created with some DIY initiative. Make your trip a chance to partake in 2020’s no-buy challenge. 

Day To Day 

When you get to your destination, begin to source out routes to areas of interest so you can walk or get the bus. Avoiding taxis or Ubers will allow you to better take in the city and help cut down your environmental impact. Find zero waste stores and recycling stations in your area to help you keep any waste you acquire to a minimum. Lastly, opt to cook rather than eating out, use e-tickets and Google maps over printed alternatives and turn off all appliances in your accommodation when they’re not in use. 

Perfection may not be in the cards when it comes to waste-free travel but sustainability is definitely within sights. By following these easy, simple tips you can begin to combat the human impact on our planet. Cast your vote in our ‘Cause Your Rippl’ campaign today by buying one of our reusable stainless steel bottles. 15% of each purchase will go to a water-related charity of your choosing.